Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kekkon is on its way!!

I cannot wait any longer to make new cards! Right now I'm looking forward to buy 3 things for Kekkon (most probably I'll get them by early of next month..yay!!)

This is my wish list:

Die Machine...

And guess what, it comes with 54 pieces of shape dies (some are packed as two pieces in one packet) plus one long plastic pad, one short plastic pad (to use with machine) and one machine!!!

The dies template

I also have ordered this:

Scor-Pal Board

And I'm waiting for the arriving of:


Clear Block

Clear Stamps

To be use together with:

Ink Pad Set

All of these items I bought online because I find it is hard to get them in the market... Anyone who love online shopping or have anything to ask or share with me, dont hesitate to ym me: l0veyd0veyd00... See ya ^_^


Amriazmi said...

ble nk wat birthday card tuk aku wei?

E-in said...

buat je? bak dtg fulus la....wahahahha

E-in said...


Anonymous said...

Hello! May I know how do you cut your cardstock into proper card size? How much you got the die cut machine? where did you got it?Thanks a lot!! I am from singapore!

plastic card said...

Hello kekkon. Wonderful! You prevails.